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24-7 Auto Locksmith

In the first place, 24/7 means 24/7! We also offer services 365 days a year and we mean to include weekends (even on Sundays) and holidays as well. With a professionally trained and highly skilled team, we will dispatch a locksmith to your location and ensure your issue is addressed within a matter of minutes.

If you lose your keys after a night out or manage to somehow break the key inside your door lock or ignition switch; you don’t have to worry. After you’ve called us, we’ll dispatch our locksmith to your location and have your car unlocked. Our team is always equipped with the very best equipment that can unlock a car and remove broken keys from ignition switches with ease.

Our technician will also make a duplicate key for you on the spot. If you want, you can even get a few extra keys made just so you’re ready if something like this were to happen again. Our duplicate keys are better than those you would find at a dealership; being made of the highest quality materials and built to last a while.

As mentioned above, our locksmith Malden, MA is always equipped with all necessary equipment. Whatever your issue is, and regardless of what make or model your car is, we at 24-7 auto locksmith, are sure to provide a solution for you on-site.

Other Services

We assure you that not every one of our auto locksmith works on issues related to car lockout and key replacement. We are proud of our team and each auto locksmith is confident in their ability to deal with all manner of vehicular lock-and-key issues. Our full range of services in the Malden, MA area includes:

Emergency Car Lockout Services
Ignition Switch & Key Repair & Replacement
Programming Transponder Keys
Car Re-Keying
Broken Key Removal
Car Lock Replacement & Repair
Car Trunk Lock & Key Solutions
Troubleshooting and maintenance for keyless entry systems
Troubleshooting and maintenance for mobile alarm systems

Regardless of whether you have a conventional lock system in your car or the latest state-of-the-art keyless entry system, rest assured that our team can handle it. Our auto locksmith will leave you satisfied with his service, skill, and dedication to professionalism.

Security Systems – 24-7 Auto Locksmith

We also offer a wide range of security systems for vehicles; which would be installed on site by our own auto locksmith. We stock the very best transponder keys, security keys, mobile phone locks, and keyless entry systems. Not only do we sell the very best in modern vehicle security measures, we are also proficient in its installation.

A keyless entry system offers a great deal of convenience as you’re not worrying about keys and just need to place your hand on the car door handle to unlock the car. Pair that with a push-start ignition and you have a system that is as secure as it is convenient. Without the security fob being inside the car, the car will not start. Also, if the fob is not in close proximity to the car, it won’t unlock. The security fob has to be on your person in order for you to unlock the car.

Mobile phone lock systems are also very interesting. If anyone tampers with your car, you will be sent a notification on your phone. However, rest assured that the car alarm will still be blaring while all of this is happening.

If any of the above security systems are appealing to you, get in touch with our team for your options. If you live in the Malden, MA area, our locksmith will be there to install your security system. We also offer installation services separately if you happen to have bought your equipment from a third party vendor already.

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