Understanding Commercial Door Locks Locksmith Malden MA

Understanding Commercial Door Locks

Secure commercial door locks are excellent protection for businesses, public properties, as well as multi-use spaces. Beyond these, their ability to withstand stress from continuous opening and closing distinguishes them from typical residential door locks.

Generally, commercial door locks are classed into three grades according to their strength, durability, ability to withstand continuous usage; amount of force they can endure. While shopping for a new lock, special attention should be given to the grade as set by the American National Standards Institute.

ANSI Grade 1: ANSI grade 1 lock is the strongest of the three grades of locks, as they can withstand up to a million opening and closing cycles and up to 10 strikes of 75 pounds of force. Hence, they are the perfect heavy-duty commercial door locks for a lot of businesses.

ANSI Grade 2: In contrast to grade 1 types, ANSI Grade 2 locks are light and durable. Although they may not always be suitable for heavy commercial purposes; they can be a better choice when focusing on budget; at the same time, security needs.

ANSI Grade 3: While the locks in this category may appear to be the weakest of the three grades, they represent decades of hard work and have earned respect in preventing break-ins. Although they fit more for residential use, they are also an ideal choice for secondary entry points when used commercially.

What Commercial Door Locks Fit My Security Needs?

Having discussed the three grades of commercial door locks; let’s discuss some available lock types that may suit your security needs. For the purpose of this write-up; considerations will be made on the five most popular types of commercial door locks in and around Malden, MA. However, this is not an indication that there are no other lock types; as a matter of fact, there are numerous different lock types that function well in commercial usage; but these five have proven to be outstanding. Before we go further, Locksmith Malden MA offers the perfect commercial door locks service in Malden, MA.

Mortise locks

Mortise locks are popular, which has resulted in generations of continuous usage for commercial purposes; they are also widely used because of their strength and ability to withstand high traffic and “rough handling.”  They may be expensive; but mortise locks offer durability and strength; making them an excellent choice for businesses with high foot traffic.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Due to their wide range of features, functions, grades, styles, finishes, and the like, cylindrical lever locks are perfect for commercial usage in Malden, MA.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt lock types offer excellent protection against break-ins, thanks to their double-layer feature. However, they are most effective against break-ins when used alongside other lock types such as cylindrical locks or used together with a pull door.

Electronic Locks

Electronic or keypad locks have unique features that make them reliable when used as commercial door locks. These types of locks are considered when there is a need to cater for multiple employees without having to sacrifice any aspects of your security. In addition, electronic locks prevent unauthorized access to certain parts of the building and reduce the chances of lockout due to lost keys.

Panic Bars or Crash Bars

Robert Alexander Briggs designed the crash bar or Panic bar after the unfortunate incident which took place in the United Kingdom on the 16th of June, 1883; which led to the death of 183 people. Although primarily designed for ease of exit during an emergency; the panic/crash bar has become a favorite of lock experts and businesses around the world.

This lock type consists of a spring-loaded metal bar that is fixed horizontally to the door and swings in the direction of the exit, and this is unlocked by pressing the bar, which unlatches the door and allows for passage.

Locksmith Malden MA can guide you on your journey to improve your commercial security lock, and this can be done through installing, maintaining, and improving your commercial door locks.

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