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Are you still dependent upon the lock that was on your front door? The lock has sentimental value but it may not be as safe as it seems. Nearly 3 million homes are robbed every year across countries such as the US and UK. Continuing, today’s locks offer much greater protection than those made in older times. But choosing the ideal lockset can be very difficult. So we have done the initial research for you providing the best quality of exterior locks on the market; keyed-entry doorknobs, handle sets, and deadbolts—to sort out features and costs.

What To Consider In Premium Entry Door Locks:

Front door handlesets

Handlesets have an appearance filled with elegance and are most usually used to create an aesthetic in the household. They also provide proper safety. Most handle sets include a deadbolt upper lock and a thumb-opening bottom lock making it available in the exquisite variety all to one’s taste; all of which are available with us.

Level locks for doors

These are a great variety of locks for when you need open the front door while holding stuff in your hands. They come in a with the lever door handle on the bottom; a two-piece configuration with a thumb turn deadbolt on top of the door knobs.

It’s an extremely regular entry door lock. Simplistic knobs are the cheapest option and they are available in several types. With the best rates, a good deal is always expected.

High tech smart locks

These are easiest to use entry locks since they do not require a key to unlock. They come with a built in analog number pad consisting of buttons or may come with touchscreens. Furthermore, these locks can also be accessed using a smartphone app. Most of these smart locks also have the backup option to open them with a key.

Prices of Our Doors At Locksmith Malden:

Nobody in the state or our area can even compare to the prices which we have available at our unique Locksmith Malden, MA store. We know that many people do not always anticipate an issue when it comes to their locks. Thus, we have made our prices so that our customers are able to afford our help.

Latching Door

A door latch is often seen in hotel rooms. It cannot be forced to open up as it uses the door frame to keep the door shut. It’s made up of two pieces – one long chain that’s installed on the face of your door and the other that’s on the door frame.

These two pieces work together to tether the door to the door frame and prevent it from opening far. While it’s a great added layer of security, it should be paired with another lock such as a deadbolt.

The Usefulness Of Your Entry Door Locks:

The main motive of any lock or entry lock door is to keep unwelcome individuals out, but the kind of lock you buy depends on where it will be put up in the house alongside a cost analysis as per your budget. To be completely secure, any outside door needs a deadbolt. You can choose between getting a deadbolt and a lockset mounted separately or a handle set that incorporates both features. Another feature of antitheft is also available and you should look for this on locksets or handle sets as a dead-locking latch bolt; it stops thieves from forcefully opening the latch with a credit card. Such items might be deemed as heavy on the budget however, prices are the most reasonable in the market for all lock doors and applications.

Additionally, a handle set allowing you to open both the deadbolt and latch lock from inside in a single motion is convenient and could even be considered a lifesaver in an emergency. Another feature aiding to the ease of use is a master key system, allowing you to carry a single key even when you have installed locks on other doors from other key makers.

Why Us For Entry Door Locks?

There is a variety of options available for entry door locks, hardware, and locksets; so we are here to help you choose. There are many options available when looking for new entry door locks including security.

Notwithstanding, finding entry door locks or the lockset that matches your style and has the functions you require it to perform with the quality to keep your home safe has never been easier.
We are here to cater to your needs and help you in installing these entry door locks – just a call away.

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