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Are You Losing Your Keys Often?

Our intensive research shows at minimum, at least one individual will end up losing their key for their door locks some time while they are working at your company. Keys – whether they’re the typical metal key or a practical fob key – can expensive and inconvenient to replace.

Smart locks are thus a more preferable option as they make your life as a business owner simpler by removing the requirement for actual physical keys. Alongside maximizing safety, they also work more efficiently by saving your time and money. Moreover, you also need not get new door locks, lock change or  key replacements since you can simply just change the code directly from your management system.

Benefits Of Keyless Door Locks:


Getting a new team member into the building is as easy as creating a code; or just simply adding their information into the management system. There is no longer a need to replace your keys or locks when an employee resigns. You also don’t have to invest in the additional cost of keeping someone to open or shut the door; while you trust them with regards to your security.


At Malden Locksmith near me we believe in security as our utmost priority; hence Keyless door locks in our catalog are most recommended as they ensure maximum control over to decide; who has authorized access to the various parts of your building, including restricted areas or even just your front door. These also give an insight as to who is entering or exiting the building.

Control over who can access

You can even program these keyless smart locks to only allow a few selected individuals to move in or out during the specific assigned times throughout the day, such as during your on-going business hours.


We provide the best premium quality locks however the consistent turning and metal on metal corrodes the locks and they undergo wear and tear. Therefore, as mentioned keyless locks are favored as they don’t face the same level of wear and tear.

How To Pick Out Smart Door Locks By Locksmith Malden?

When choosing a keyless door lock, the first thing to establish is the type of door lock satisfies your requirement or business needs best. A keypad door lock is a top choice; in the case that you do not want to involve any physical keys, fobs, or access cards.

Certain models of smart locks come with a limited number of codes that they can support so you may need to confirm the number of codes needed. Although with any such problems we will provide you with any help or support needed. Continuing you will also need to decide if you require a mobile app allowing you to lock or unlock your locks, receive mobile alerts, or control your locks with just the swipe of your hand.

Here are some key features that you may love:

Battery warnings

Unaffected by which type of keyless smart door lock you choose by Locksmith Malden, do look for one which comes with a low-battery indicator alerting you when it’s time for replacement. This is an essential feature as it save you from being locked out due to a dead battery.


You should take into account the integrations that you will need. You should also consider if you need the door lock to come with a built-in security system or whether it should be connected to video surveillance systems, cameras, alarms, and more.

Long lasting

Durability and longevity is a necessity for these smart locks considering they will likely be outside. They are thus bound to be susceptible to the extreme weathers and vandalism. We equip you with waterproof locks, which are also cold proof, heat resistance, and more while guaranteeing safety against damage caused by vandalism.


The price of our keyless electronic door lock depends upon how it functions, what features it comes with, the ease of installation, connectivity and the necessary equipment needed alongside the number of locks you need.

Traditional vs. Modern Door Locks At Locksmith Malden:

Each method in the industry of locks has strengths and weaknesses. Physical traditional keys can be easily lost or damaged whereas you rarely forget some simple codes. The key codes can also be changed efficiently by the user when considered important. However, power failures can cause problems for purely smart door locks, locking you outside your own house till the electricity has been restored.

Although on most smart door locks, you’ll find a combination of physical and electronic locking control on the same door. For example, you will have a physical key for setup and emergency backup but will use the remote or keypad to lock and unlock the door on a day-to-day basis. This provides additional ease of use and security for you as our client, but also provides additional functionality as well thus as said tailor-made for your need.

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