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Unless you are the only person with access to your car, remote keyless entry is probably not the best security option for you. You should consider getting professional help from Locksmith Malden for remote keyless entry if you own a luxury car that does not come with a remote locking feature as standard. Technically, keyless entry could help you hide your parked car in an emergency or keep nosy people from looking at it, but it comes with too many risks to be worth it. If you have an old-school manual transmission, the risk of someone getting inside your locked car and hot wiring it is lower than if you drive an automatic transmission car.

The main problem with remote locking is that even if thieves cannot start your car, they can still hotwire it and drive away. They need access to your key fob to do it, but once they have that, nothing can stop them from breaking into your locked car and taking it for a joyride. Read on to learn more about the risks involved with keyless entry and what locksmiths at Locksmith Malden can do to address them.

Risks Involved with Keyless Entry

If you lose your fob at all, you need to act quickly and get a replacement as soon as possible. If you lose your fob, someone could use it to access your car and take it away. In addition, if you have a car with an automatic transmission, you could be in real trouble. A remote keyless entry car with no way to start it manually is an easy target for car thieves. A keyless entry car with no remote entry option is a sitting duck. For those with manual transmission cars, the situation is not as dire. You can still start your car without a fob if you have a mechanical override feature installed.

However, this is not common, and you should not expect every car to have it. If you are unsure about your car’s features, ask your mechanic about them. Remote keyless entry is a great feature for convenience, but it comes with a handful of risks attached.

Replacing Lost Fobs: Hire Malden Locksmith

As we have mentioned above, you need to replace your lost or stolen keys as soon as possible. Your insurance company may not pay you for a stolen car if you have not reported it stolen. Replacing your key fob will involve a certain expenditure, but it is a price that you must pay to protect your vehicle. Your insurance company might also ask you to pay higher premiums in the future if you do not report your lost fob. In many cases, you will have to pay a fee to replace your key fob.

This is a fee that you should pay immediately after losing your keyless entry device. The sooner you replace it, the better. When you come to Malden Locksmith to replace a lost fob you will get the perfect services. We have the proper knowledge to perform the task. You can call us for remote car key services. You can also get car keys remotes from us at Malden Locksmith in Malden, MA.

Smart Locks as an Alternative to Remote Keyless Entry

You can install smart locks if you still want remote keyless entry for your car but don’t want to lose your fob. Smart locks are very convenient and have all the same benefits as keyless entry without a key. The only difference is that you do not need a fob to lock and unlock your vehicle. The same applies to other locking features such as car start/stop and trunk opening. All you must do is use your smartphone app to lock and unlock your car. You can also use voice commands if you have an Amazon-enabled car. When it comes to security, smart locks are better than keyless entry because you are less likely to lose your phone. If you lose your smartphone, you can still use your key fob to lock and unlock your car.


Remote keyless entry is a handy feature to have on your car, but it comes with its fair share of risks. It can be especially problematic if you have an automatic transmission and lose your key fob. In such a case, you can find yourself completely locked out of your car with no easy way to get back inside. Remote keyless entry is convenient, but it also comes with several risks. Replacing your lost key as soon as possible can help prevent car theft. If you don’t want to give up remote keyless entry, smart locks can make it less likely that you’ll lose your fob. You can call locksmith Malden, MA experts to do the job!

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