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Is calling a residential locksmith Malden in your future? If you’re looking for the most reliable locksmith in the region, look no further. We’ve got over a decade in business experience and we’ve worked with homeowners all over the region. Our team prides itself in being dependable – so much so that we boast a 20 minute response to any emergency. And, every time we send one of our honest locksmiths out to you, they’ll have a fully loaded van. That way, they’ll have all of the tools that they need, and can get the job done quickly and correctly.

Locksmith Malden MA residential

Which Residential Services Do We Offer in Malden MA?

Our Malden MA residential locksmith services are quite extensive, and we are able to take care of a number of problems with residential door locks and keys. We have a variety of locksmith residential options if you’d like to make some changes to your keys and locks. We can re-key your doors and windows and update your home to newer locks, if that’s what you’d like. Our locksmith near me residential in Malden is also always on call, so if you have a home lockout or need repairs after a break-in, we can cover that for you as well.

Talking About Your Security With a Locksmith Residential

Our residential locksmith can answer any questions that you may have about your home’s security needs. We can take a look at the locks you currently have set up and give you an idea as to what locksmith residential updates that you may want to consider. As your Malden locksmith, we will do everything possible to help you find the resources necessary so that your home and family are able to stay as safe and secure as you can. We’ll give you advice and help you to find the best, newest technology for your door and window locks. We also provide outstanding car locksmith services in MA.

Re-keying Your Residential Door Locks

If you just moved into a home or you’ve had a break-in, you may want to repair hardware or even get your doors re-keyed. Do you need to call our emergency locksmith residential? We offer our repairs and such on residential door locks whenever you need it, so give us a call and we’ll be there.

Your Residential Door Locks Experts

If it involves residential door locks, our locksmith is here to help, whether it means we need to repair hardware, or install something entirely new or provide other services that secure your home and your assurance in the apparatus. Call us & get a reliable expert at your side.

Residential FAQ

How does a deadbolt work?

Deadbolts can only be engaged when you’re working with a door that is shut. If the door is open, then you aren’t able to mess with the lock in any manner. The bolt goes into the designated spot in the wall, and it holds the door as secure as it can be. The only way that you can move a deadbolt is by using the key that is meant for that deadbolt. Otherwise, the door is securely locked and will keep you and your home as safe as possible. It sounds really simple, but this simple option can go a long way in keeping your home secure.

Is it easy to install a deadbolt?

While some people will be able to install a deadbolt on their own, it’s not recommended. Many manufacturers will put a template and instructions in with their deadbolts, but it usually requires a number of tools and knowledge of installing locks properly. One small mistake or wrong measurement and you will find that you likely need to get a brand new door for your home. Instead of doing it on your own, call in a residential locksmith that knows and understands the processes around installing deadbolts properly.

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