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Locksmith Malden Security Door Locks – Essential?

The main priority and matter of concern for every individual these days is their house safety considering the massive rise in robberies and killings taking place even in the metropolitan cities with high end security to keep a lookout for these types of injustices. To prevent any unwanted event, we recommend taking up security measures by a house locksmith, such as using bolts and looks, seriously.

Pad Security Locks By Locksmith Malden

This type of high–end security door lock is made from several different metal sheets; that come in different sizes, types, and qualities. These are used as door locks to close door shutters through using bolts. Padlocks are usually functional using keys.

Concealed Security Door Locks:

These types of security door locks are made yet again from metal sheets which are available in several sizes, types, and qualities. However, these are fixed either in the frame or inside the frame for door shutters; meaning that the only keyhole available is visible from outside in both cases. There are several hidden locks available in our market some of which are mentioned below.

Security Doorknob Locks:

There are two types of doorknob locks.
Spring latch lock
Deadlatch lock
Deadlatch security locks are relatively more secure when compared to spring latch locks. However, they offer only lesser protection and should thus be used for doors inside the house.

Security Deadbolt Locks

As premium security locks, these bring forth the best protection and safety. These are preferred for external use on all exterior doors. One thing to keep in mind is that the locks you install should have bolts that extend more than 1 inch into the wall. These locks are made from solid metal and do not have any screws visible to us. Moreover, some of these locks may even offer free-spinning collars leading to the prevention of intruders being able to remove the cylinder using various materials and tools.

 Deadbolt locks come in two types which are given below.

Single-cylinder door lock
Double cylinder door lock
Chained Locks
Several homes use chain locks as their core security door lock while others use it as latches at night. Chain locks main not be as strong and are usually put up using short screws; hence they are not recommended to use as the core security door lock.

Interconnected Security Locks

This is the type of lock that has a latch and deadbolt both; but these are mechanically interconnected and installed at the edge of the door. These are widely known around for providing deadbolt security while also having additional life safety features.

Mortise Dead Latch

These latches are dual-functioning and can be used from both sides of the door. They are provided with a thumb-turn knob fitted on the handle to close the door from inside while the compartment is in use. These latches are often used on bathroom doors as their security door locks; while they may also be used on the doors of private rooms. These locks are not compatible towards being locked and the latch bolt is operated with convenience from both outside and inside.

Mortise Security Locks

This lock consists of a metal case that contains the core functioning part of the lock set into a mortise cut in the frame of the door shutter. These types of security door locks are usable for all kinds of doors, internal and external; as they consist of both a latch and lock. There are also horizontal mortise locks and vertical mortise locks.

Rim Security Locks

This type of security door locks is usable and more beneficial on the extra doors in your house such as the door to your backyard in association with tops and bottom bolts on that door considering that these types of security door locks are accessible from the inside and outside. This is the reason that it is not recommended to use this lock as the core safety lock on external doors. It gets fitted inside doors using screws and is operated using a key. There are, however, no external screws visible during usage considering the lock is made of solid steel.

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In any type of door lock, a latch or bolt is made to cross the opening between the side of the door and the doorframe, preventing access. In cases, locking and unlocking is achieved by rotating the visible element (a knob or a key in a lock cylinder) to move the bolt or latch and considering this.

You can contact us for the ideal security door locks and entry door locks tailored for your need as per the features mentioned above.

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