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What is a Master Key System?

A master key system refers to a collection of locks and the keys that control them that are organized into a structure, with one key at the “top” fitting into a large number of locks and a massive number of keys at the “bottom” fitting into only one lock. The system is more effective if there are fewer master key tiers. The importance of meticulous planning cannot be overstated.

A system of master keys for building security lock is set by schematics, serving as the blueprint for the structure. It conveys a vision to enable and limit property accessibility, much like an architect’s layout. Any system that provides several “access levels” must be customized to the security requirements of the particular building (or group of buildings) in which it is set up.

Effective Key System Built By The Best

This concept is intended to convey how the system will be used, much like a plan for a structure. Key sequences are noted, cylinders are keyed, and keys are cut once this keying scheme is authorized. Before the locks, cylinders, and keys are obtained from the factory, various modifications are usually made without affecting the main cost.

All locks that have been keyed to the master key system can be accessed with master keys. Locksmith near me in Malden mobile locksmiths can create a master key system and keep it in their master key management and storage facility. Generally, residential and commercial property managers can use master key systems to regulate access to their premises.

With just one master key, a manager or the owner can have access to a range of sections in a building. Master key systems divide a building into master key, sub-master key, and unit key regions, limiting access to certain areas. Residents and staff who need key access to their area are given unit keys, while managers and select maintenance personnel are given sub-master keys, with the master key held by the proprietors or senior staff.

Control and Security Through the Master Key System

With only one key, master key systems can provide access to a range of rooms or locks. Sub-Master keys can be divided into portions and can only operate in the areas for which they have been granted access. Please call us to arrange an appointment with one of Locksmith Malden’s locksmith personnel if you require a master key system for your place of business. We assess your requirements and offer a number of master key options.

Our services in Malden, MA are those which you can be certain of. Moreover, we provide only the best master key systems to give you absolute control over your business or home. Most homes don’t need a master key system as every family member living in that house should have access to any part of the house. However, most business places should have a master key system, not necessarily though. But you may want to restrict access to certain sections of the building. So, call for your master key system service in Malden, MA. We are always ready to assist you.

 Why Do You Need a Key System?

Why would anyone want to have a master key system in place at their office? There are several reasons for this, the most important of which is greater security in terms of access control and restriction. A central reason is that it is more convenient. Have you ever noticed a security guard wearing a large key ring on his belt? When one key opens multiple doors, a well-designed master key system decreases the number of keys necessary.

Within a master key system, a master key is a key that opens numerous separate locks that are primarily related. A large house with several rooms, for example, may have a master key that opens all the rooms’ doors. Each room door would likewise be opened by a key that exclusively opened that specific room door. That same room key, on the other hand, could open a closet within that room. In other words, if the locks are keyed alike, a single key can open multiple locks.

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